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Star June 17, 2013 – Return!

It’s been a much longer break than I ever hoped but things seemed to get pretty intense over the last months! I’ve started perusing art much more seriously and have had a couple showings which took up a bit of time(I’m currently showing at the cafe Flirt currently!). And on top of that commissions that I have been doing for people which have all been fun and lovely.

Chapter 2 reaches it’s end with this current update of pages 68 to 84 and I will begin work on chapter 3! Exciting, especially since I will be approaching the pages rather differently. Also the website may be updated soon with a new look and hopefully easier navigation.

Stay well everyone!

Star October 12, 2012 – Small hiatus!

Just thought I’d let everyone know that Andro will be going on a small hiatus for the time being.

Currently I have a lot on my plate and I’m finding my time to invest in Andro shrinking. I don’t want to sacrifice and true quality to my pages and in fact want to make each page better and better.

I will try to make the hiatus as short as possible, so hopefully I can return within a few weeks time, but I cannot be entirely certain. However; as soon as I return I will update!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed love for Andro and has followed it thus far! I really appreciate those who also encourage me with each page! I will return soon, never fret!

Star September 23, 2012 – Pages 63 – 67 up! As well as the Extras page!

A 5 page update for everyone to enjoy, and finally got that extras page up. I’ll probably do some more tweaks to it later, but it’s working now. So many more things to do.

Star September 04, 2012 – Pages 57 to 62 now up!

Everything has been going at a bit of a slower pace as I’ve recently opened up for commission and have some backlog on that. So busy , but I want everything I do to be of the best quality I can so, not rushing through anything. More soon (hopefully right?!)

Star August 16, 2012 – Pages 53 to 56 uploaded!

Summer is nearly coming to a close. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast!