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Star June 17, 2013 – Return!

It’s been a much longer break than I ever hoped but things seemed to get pretty intense over the last months! I’ve started perusing art much more seriously and have had a couple showings which took up a bit of time(I’m currently showing at the cafe Flirt currently!). And on top of that commissions that I have been doing for people which have all been fun and lovely.

Chapter 2 reaches it’s end with this current update of pages 68 to 84 and I will begin work on chapter 3! Exciting, especially since I will be approaching the pages rather differently. Also the website may be updated soon with a new look and hopefully easier navigation.

Stay well everyone!

Star October 12, 2012 – Small hiatus!

Just thought I’d let everyone know that Andro will be going on a small hiatus for the time being.

Currently I have a lot on my plate and I’m finding my time to invest in Andro shrinking. I don’t want to sacrifice and true quality to my pages and in fact want to make each page better and better.

I will try to make the hiatus as short as possible, so hopefully I can return within a few weeks time, but I cannot be entirely certain. However; as soon as I return I will update!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed love for Andro and has followed it thus far! I really appreciate those who also encourage me with each page! I will return soon, never fret!

Star September 23, 2012 – Pages 63 – 67 up! As well as the Extras page!

A 5 page update for everyone to enjoy, and finally got that extras page up. I’ll probably do some more tweaks to it later, but it’s working now. So many more things to do.

Star September 04, 2012 – Pages 57 to 62 now up!

Everything has been going at a bit of a slower pace as I’ve recently opened up for commission and have some backlog on that. So busy , but I want everything I do to be of the best quality I can so, not rushing through anything. More soon (hopefully right?!)

Star August 16, 2012 – Pages 53 to 56 uploaded!

Summer is nearly coming to a close. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast!

Star August 04, 2012 – Finally got around to finishing up these three pages(50 – 52)!

I’ve been shooting back and forth between the comic, and some paintings I am trying to finish. I’m really starting to feel how much commitment needs to be put into a comic to keep it afloat. But I still enjoy thinking this story out. As soon as I think I have one thing ready, the idea can sometimes change last second once I put the pen(cil) to paper.

Hope everyone can find it in them to enjoy this update, though it has been a considerably long time since I’ve updated. Apologies!

Star July 21, 2012 – Updated pages 46 to 49!

Still enjoying a what time off I have left, but after speaking to my employer, I will have more free time! This should mean better pages and uploads on a more regular date! I think I may try to upload a few pages every Saturday… I’ll have to plan this all out..

Star July 14, 2012 – Pages 44/45 now up!

Just returned from my holiday down in Devon. It was absolutely lovely! Wish I had taken a few more photos, but I’ll be sure to show what I’ve gotten on my blog when I get the chance!

So much more of the story to get down! Back to work!

Star July 01, 2012 – Pages 39 to 43 uploaded!

Sorry it took some time, but still hardly any free time! Also, had to experiment a bit with my greys. Trying to improve the quality isn’t always an easy task. Well… I hope it’s improving anyway!

Still trying to figure how to do my extras page. I want the best presentation possible for all the lovely gifts I received thus far!

Thank you everyone who has expressed their love for the new website and have left comments!

Star June 24, 2012 – Pages 37/38 now up! Had a lovely fan art from my deary ~cbreezy !

Check it here : [link]

Should be getting the extras section done fairly soon as well. My life is finally returning to a steady pace again!

Star June 21, 2012 – Uploaded page 36! Sudden increase of hours lately so been a bit more busy but things will resume as normal shortly though! Sorry guys!

Star June 15, 2012 – Finally finished uploading all the old pages, and new pages to come fairly soon!!! Still some tweaking to be done, but alas, the comic should be legible!

Star June 14, 2012 – The Official ANDRO Website Launches!